Monday, 11 December 2006

The Road to Riches Leads to Africa

Have you ever wanted or wondered what it was like to be rich. The next Bill Gate or maybe Warren Buffet. Make so much money your great grand children will be driving Maybachs. Statisticly most blog readers / writer want to be rich. At first I wanted to be a banker, work at some prestigious investment bank, do some ugly hours, make a lot of money, but then I thought about it, Bloomberg didn't make his money from working at Salomon Brothers, he worked to the top no doubt but he only ever became loaded after starting his own company.

Well you might say, if you earn a lot and invest wisely. True back in the day the american and european economy was hot, money was being made. Warren Buffet was getting rich, but today Africa is where its at. Some say the emerging markets are China and Brazil, but think about it, am not lecturing Goldman Sachs executives here. Those markets are already saturated with investment banks waiting to steal money off you the minute you invest there. In investments recognize for every looser there's a winner (Not sure who the winner was in the Enron case). And in Africa the players are regular people like me and you.

In summary if you want to make money loads of it, go to Africa. In fact if someone designed a site where I could buy and monitor stocks on africa today i'll be on it everyday and am sure quite a few people will to. SO if anyone out there is interested in such a project. Dont hesitate to leave me a message.

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