Monday, 26 March 2007

Friday, 9 March 2007

Videos in Africa - The African Youtube

Youtube has turned to a sort of amature singing, movie promotion, video production skill, illegal music video uploading showcasing site. I enjoyed watching music videos there, but they just keep getting removed.

In africa things are different, the whole point of a music video is to get it played as much as possible to enable the artist spread their wings.

It is with is in mind that I believe that videos in africa should even be greater than in the western world, we need the exposure more than anyone else.

Lately I have even noticed some movie trailers of potentially big african movies showing ther stuff on vide upload sites.

With this I present to you The African Youtubes

My Video SA - Just South African

Mooziko - A bit too francophone

Afriville Videos Too Much Nigerian

None is pan african "yet" but then again when u look at it,, thats like saying there's a site that all europeand would enjoy