Saturday, 13 January 2007

Afriville 2.0 - The African Digg

For a minute there I sidetracked, as 2006 ran out I looked at issues close to heart. Whether its Blood diamonds, or the african plight, a couple of things came up.

Right now its 6.20am GMT and the African Network is ready to release another social media tool. Anyone who is fond of digg, will appreciate its importance in sifting through whats important and whats not. What is worth reading and whats not worth a glance. So when decided to add a news tab to the many other tabs, there was no doubt the Digg format was the way ahead.

Present and new users of will be able to submit news stories that they find interesting, with their peers voting and discussing this stories. The stories will cover a wide range oftopics from news headlines to fashion to sports and entertainment. Voting will also take place and our unique algorithm will decide whether a story is worth "front page" / "headline" status

Afriville News will do for Blogs, what allAfrica does for Newspapers

An African Digg, as the project is codenamed is now in its beta testing stage. Africans and people interested in African News are invited to take part in its testing.

Furthermore Afriville News calls on all African Bloggers with adsense accounts to register and activate a bloggers account where a revenue share system makes sure they earn their share of profits from th stories originating from their blogs or posted by them.