Thursday, 14 June 2007

African Social Network Discontinued

The time to close doors on this blog has finally come. Reason being I wanted it to be a place to bitch about african apps ours inclusive. The highs and lows the goods and bads, learn from and get ideas of other bloggers, look at marketing strategies. But for some reason, African Social Networking isn't working. Some sites have closed shop some just dont have enough trafiic to worth being talked about. Maybe they will in the future.

People have asked though will Afriville follow the route of some and become Country specific. No WAY... Reason being if that was the initial idea then there's no novelty, its not even worth being in existence.

But the end is actually the beginning. The beginning of something new at , I'd like to think we are one of the most innovative platforms in the web 2.0 space of which there are not many. But soon enough the world will catch on, on how lucrative doing business in Africa is.

In the meantime we'll continue blogging, on . No more commenting on other sites (well maybe once in a while). And the blog posts about Africa and Pan Africa will come up there soon, as well as My take on why African Social Networks are Dying but being Reborn