Friday, 8 December 2006

Afriville a true African Social Network in Colours

This week or last, I got an email announcing the death of At first, I tought the lack of traffic had forced its owners to shut down. And then there was a mail about it being sold. Why anyone would want to sell at this point it time worries me. But nevertheless with this sale comes also a name change and a lot more features than I bargained for.

When benchmarking african sites, it is simply inconceivable to look at them performance wise in western standards. But this new site is one that begs to be compared, to the likes of facebook and myspace. My reasoning is that, in comparison with The Caramel Lounge This new site is one of effortless efficiency. No more wasted bandwith on loading site images. Something I was going to blog about which made the old one very displeasing. So today we say welcome An African Caribbean Social Network

My review of each of the sites on a one by one basis with pictures of what they have to offer inside is on its way

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