Friday, 8 December 2006

My Africa Web 2.0 List

Starting from the Africa2point0 Web2.0 List I have gone hunting the web for the hottest african owned,associated or audience intended sites.

I can truly say We are progressing

Leading the way

There are many more and I will add to the list as we go along


Imnakoya said...

Several of the site you listed are regional in scope, and not pan-African. Using the phrase "Africa", very loosely, is misleading in my opinion.

africanhair said...
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S said...

Hi all,
Good topic. It will be easier for me to explain my opinion in french.
So, pour chacun des sites cités, je remarque qu'on dit "the african something"... où le site dont vous faites la promotion n'est que le plagiat de ce "something".... premier constat du fait que les Africains manque d'imagination, de génie?
Je serai encore plus fier quand je lirai que les Africains ont créé leur propre "something" sans copier quique ce soit. Avec leur own originalité, so that ce sera les autres qui diront "the American something" où cette fois ci le "something" sera African...
Un seul site qui n'est pas cité ici se rapproche de cette vision

Bonne route

PS : chapeau quand meme à Mooziko

sanaga said...

Thank you s for the nice words ...

Sanaga will never be a video destination site but will enable anyone to publish and syndicate videos (african or not). So if you own a fantastic video content, you can publish it to our platform and have all the webmasters interested in your content syndicate it by adding it to their websites. You can obviously syndicate your own content and have us handle distribution. In that case, you have the ability to restrict the content to your website only (making it private). The beauty of the system is that everyone gets a slice of the ad revenues. The owner of the content gets a $3 CPM on ads watched and the webmaster gets $1 CPM (so if you syndicate your own content, you get $4). We are in the process of making significant investment in network and software infrastructure. Some of the publishers who are syndicating our videos are already making money with the ads that we serve.

Andy said...

Interesting point that imnakoya mentions - they're not pan-african. But there's a very good reason why. We don't have a singular pan-african resource for african social media sites.

I'm more than willing to showcase the talent on Africa 2.0 ( - but the collection of all the task, getting permission of all the content owners is the tricky bit!

give me a shout if you have any pan-african content!


rafiq said...

What about some orignal 2.0 from Africa?