Friday, 24 November 2006

African Social Networking - The battle for supremacy

Today I decided to go on a thorough search of the internet for African Social Networks or community sites as they are seldom referred to.Sites that are obviously explicitly dating sites have been excluded. Also sites which are mainly African American are not in the list
I searched the usual places google, myspace, facebook, the tools most webmasters use to promote their wares. After searching far and wide. The list narrowed down o his major contenders

My next immidiate review will lookat them one by one


Akopo said...


Just to notice you that you can add

It's a blogging platform where I have my blog

african music and internet marketing company said...

I wanted to create an african social networking site. I made the mistake of blogging about the idea and even putting up the adress (url) i wanted to get registered for the new site. Someone came across the post and stole the whole idea and even the domain name. I went online one day and found out that my idea had been stolen and used exactly as I wrote about it more than a month before.

africanhair said...

I didnt succeedin opening

africanhair said...

John said... is the hottest and i think it has won the battle of Africas hottest social network.!!

Jennie said...

You forgot, a pan African social network. This 6 month old site hosts more than 100,000 users, it offers many services (chat,music,video,radio,pictures,games...) and it is very easy to use. This African community is entirely FREE.

jordah said..., enuff said.!! No jokes

Africa News Info said...

Talking about African social networking, another one in the battle is AfricansConnect, where Africans connect. The site is still relatively new but has a promising future. We can improve our social well being through social networking.