Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Africa is Speaking (Blogging)

Today I officially became a blogger. Why you may ask? I guess the same reason millions of pther blogger are out there, to earn a living, for amusement, to tackle an issue, to be heard.


Why else, if I go to the streets of Africa with a megaphone and shout will I be heard, Yes, but will I be HEARD No. They'll hear the noise, they throw things at me, some will even listen. But all in all what I speak falls on deaf ears. Thats the power of blogging I will be heard. People will feel what I say , they'll forward it to their friends. They'll come back for more (hopefully).

I went on to Global voices today and I see that, Africa is speaking and the world is listening.

To all my fellow bloggers out there. Keep blogging


Andy Hadfield said...

and SPEAK it shall! Howsit mate... I'm looking at starting a similar type of idea (funnily enough, we both came up with the name Africa 2.0...)


Mine at the moment is more an experiment with Social Media - but I'd digg to expand it into something else... Go have a look at:


and let me know if you think there's any scope to work together?

Andy Hadfield said...

Sorry, linked ref:

Africa 2.0